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New Distribution Capability (NDC)

NDC Rules & Restrictions by Airline


Current issues for customers that select an NDC Fare:


American Airlines (AA)

  • Existing unused tickets cannot be exchanged toward a ticket issued through NDC.
  • An NDC ticket that is unused retains its credit; however, it cannot be exchanged toward a new ticket at this point in time.  American has advised that it may be until the end of 2023 before an unused NDC ticket can be exchanged toward a new ticket.
  • A traveler’s Known Traveler Number – that provides TSA Precheck and/or Global Entry – cannot be added during the booking workflow.  Currently, it needs to be added to the reservation through once the ticket is issued.
  • Some AA corporate programs, including Business Extra, are not currently supported on an NDC reservation.
  • None of the automated approval processes that your company may be using will support an NDC booking.
    • Cain is working on a solution that will address this issue and will be in contact with those customers using an automated approval process to review.
  • There are limitations in our ability to service an NDC reservation through our GDS. When this occurs, Cain is required to contact AA for assistance, which will impact our ability to provide timely support.
  • Currently, the 2 online booking platforms we support, Concur and Deem, do not provide access to NDC content.  While both are developing to address, Concur has shared that they don’t anticipate NDC connectivity until at least end of 2023/into 2024.  As a result, at this point in time, NDC faring can only be queried for & booked by a Cain agent.
    • In the interim, Cain has been reviewing other online booking platforms that can support NDC content.
    • A 3rd party technology called Travelfusion affords NDC content to be accessible in both Concur and Deem.  However, in our view there are numerous shortcomings associated with enabling Travelfusion, many of which we had outlined in a previous NDC communication.   Please contact your account manager if you would like to organize a time to further discuss.